About Us

With over 30 years of expertise, Fuji Spray® introduces Fuji Spray Auto™—our new division specifically tailored to the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry.

Fuji Spray Auto™ compressor spray guns aren’t just another part of the Fuji Spray® legacy; they deliver premium performance. Most importantly, our equipment promises the quality we have stood by for decades.

Fuji Spray® is proud to be a competitive choice, driving perfection, with the dependable customer service to back up our wide range of products. We strive to make your work easier with the level of professionalism you intend to achieve.


The Fuji Family Promise

Fuji Spray® has a reputation for being fast, versatile and innovative, offering premium products at competitive price points. With industry-leading turnaround time, we guarantee a global response to your questions or concerns within one business day. The Fuji Spray® philosophy is customer-centric. Rather than speaking to an automated system, customers can directly reach an actual human being who knows our spray guns and how to maximize their potential.