V8 Series

Welcome to the V8 Series, a powerful addition to Fuji Spray Auto™. With a name fittingly derived from the famous V8 engine, the V8 Series compressor spray guns offer the best combination of performance and proficiency. The V8 Series boasts a competitive value without compromising quality.


The MP-V8™ blends design and engineering to improve air and fluid management in a perfectly consistent spray pattern. Suitable for waterborne and solvent-based applications, it effectively atomizes professional high solid clear coats.

High-Volume Low Pressure

Designed for base coat and clear coat application, the H-V8™ spray gun provides high transfer rates and a controlled atomization. Suitable for waterborne and solvent-based applications. Achieve a flawless showroom finish with every use.

X Series

Welcome to the X Series, an unforgettable part of Fuji Spray Auto™. Offering a proven and impressive performance, the bold design and unique style support our reputation for excellence. The X Series provides you with what you need: lasting power and the ultimate finish.


Designed with the power to fill the gap between High-Pressure and HVLP spray guns, the MPX-30™ features an impressive rapid application speed, high transfer rates, and ergonomic handle.

High-Volume Low Pressure

Designed to replace conventional, High-Pressure spray guns. The LX-20™ is particularly versatile, helping users obtain stellar results when used in high or low viscosity applications, the LX-20™ can lay down all types of coatings with ease.

HVLP Turbine Systems

Equipped with our Heat Dissipation Chamber™ and industry leading noise reduction technology, our HVLP turbine systems are the proven choice for mobile repair technicians. Set up and tear down in no time with our self-contained, easy to use and lightweight turbine systems. Paired with our sleek non-bleed turbine spray guns that deliver an enhanced spray pattern and optimized transfer efficiency, it’s no wonder technicians choose Fuji Spray Auto™ when looking for exceptional performance and flawless results.

The Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Series

The Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Series provides the power and portability that the industry demands. This lightweight unit offers a small footprint allowing you to maximize your work environment without sacrificing performance.

Paired with your choice of either the T75G™ or the G-XPC™ turbine spray guns.

The Q PLATINUM™ Series

Our Q PLATINUM™ Series is the quietest operating turbine on the market with our patented noise reduction technology. It’s the ultimate tool in power, versatility, and speed.

Paired with your choice of either the T75G™ or the G-XPC™ turbine spray guns.